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Social norms approach


HumaneAfrica works to improve the lives of vulnerable children in Eastern and Southern Africa

HumaneAfrica has pioneered innovative research into the harmful practice of child mutilation in Mozambique, South Africa and Uganda. 15,000 people throughout the region have contributed to this research to better understand drivers behind the practice. 

In response to this research, more than 300,000 individuals in more than 250 communities have committed to eliminate practices which harm children.

HumaneAfrica has develops processes and trains partners to support children with special needs, who are hidden from society to attend school and fully participate in community and family life.

Our Mission

Each of us make decisions based on what
others expect us to do. When key players in a community collectively commit to ending a harmful practice, the results can be amazing

Our partners

Challenging harmful norms



HumaneAfrica works with UNICEF, World Vision, the Salvation Army, Save the Children, Governments, local Embassies and local child rights organizations in Mozambique, South Africa and Uganda.

HumaneAfrica is committed to ensuring protection and support for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Southern and Eastern Africa, especially those living in extreme poverty, those exposed to violence and those with special needs