Victim Support

One child is mutilated every week in Southern and Eastern Africa. On average one out of 10 children survives an attack where body parts are removed. These children need ongoing physical and psychosocial support.

Through local partnerships, HumaneAfrica provides support to these children and offers a reintegration program for victims to return to their communities without the fear of prejudice and discrimination.

"João", the boy in the picture below was attacked in 2011 and had his genitalia and eyes removed. The project team arranged for him to attend Mozambique's Institute for the Visually Impaired, where he is learning life skills including reading and writing braille. The school also provides essential ongoing medical support.

This boy in the picture, is the boy who was attacked and had his genitalia and eyes removed

"João" recently arrived in Portugal where he is undergoing a number of medical procedures including removing the urinary tube which will enable him to urinate through an orifice in the genital area and then undergoing genital reconstruction.


While waiting for his operations, he had the chance to visit some sites with our team member who has travelled with him from Mozambique.