Social Norms Approach

HumaneAfrica, through a social norms approach, works in partnership with local organizations towards reducing the demand for children’s body parts in Southern and Eastern Africa. This social norm change is achieved through local communities attending workshops and focus groups and establishing an open and honest environment where the issue of child mutilation can be discussed.

Our approach is based around the community accepting that child mutilation exists and has an adverse affect on their community. Through workshops, consisting of facilitated group discussions, the community establishes that although their own children are at risk of violence, it is the community themselves who drive the demand for children’s body parts when visiting so-called witchdoctors. Once the connection between the supply and demand for body parts has been established, the community is given the opportunity to design and implement activities to reduce this demand for body parts by collectively abandoning the use of body parts in traditional medicine.

Since 2009 HumaneAfrica, in partnership with local organizations, has conducted over 60 community based workshops throughout Mozambique and South Africa where communities have joined together to collectively abandon the use of body parts in traditional medicine.