About Us

Here's a two minute video which explains what we do.

HumaneAfrica is a non profit organization working with communities in Southern and Eastern Africa dedicated to accelerating the abandonment of harmful practices such as child mutilation and the abuse and discrimination of children with disabilities. HumaneAfrica works with local communities to give children a life safe from discrimination, abuse and other forms of violence and harm.

HumaneAfrica, in partnership with local organizations conducted the first research into issues relating to the removal and movement of body parts for the use of harmful traditional practices in Southern and Eastern Africa in 2008.

Based on these findings, HumaneAfrica designed a process of social norm change and through engagement with local communities and community led discussions, has achieved a collective agreement to abandon the use of body parts in traditional medicine in a number of communities throughout the region.

This process of positive sustainable change has brought about a reduction in the demand for children's body parts.