Uganda: Witchdoctor Held Over Child Sacrifice

Rumanzi allegedly killed the boy and drained his blood for ritual purposes.He had been told that in order to get rich, he had to kill someone, drain blood and offer it for sacrifice. So when an opportunity knocked, David Rumanzi, a witchdoctor, looked no farther than his relative's home and picked his five-year-old nephew Godfrey Ashabire on December 15.

He convinced the boy's guardian to let his nephew escort him to a nearby shop so that he could buy him a cake. Because they trusted him, they let the boy go with him. But Rumanzi was planning to kill the boy for ritual purposes.

Ashabire, a P1 pupil at Bwizibwera Town School and a son to Nkuba Gaston of Kagongi in Kashari, was found murdered, his blood sucked and his body dumped in a swamp three hours later.

"I did not detect any harm, since he was an uncle to the deceased," reveals Charity who was taking care of him.

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Woman kills nephew for witchcraft

RAUTAHAT: In what could be one of the most shocking murder incidents, a woman of Rautahat is learnt to have brutally murdered her three-and-half year old nephew professedly to gain mastery over witchcraft.

Mahadevi Raya Yadav of Samanpur, Rautahat slit her nephew Nitesh Raya Yadav, son of Ganesh Raya Yadav of Sarlahi, Manpur, just to please the gods for gaining mastery over witchcraft.

Nitesth, who few days back had come to his maternal uncle’s house in Samanpur, Rautahat, had gone missing from Saturday while he had gone to the local bazaar with his mother.

Following the child’s disappearance, police had started its investigation which was intensified following the finding of the boy’s severed head on the banks of the Bagmati River in Samanpur.

On Tuesday night, acting on suspicon, police had raided Mahadevi’s house and dug out the boy’s decapitated body from the house. According to police all the members of Mahadevi’s house had fled the house on Tuesday night fearing a police raid.

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11-year-old’s penis, ear cut off: muti link suspected

POLICE believe the abduction of a boy, who had his penis and left ear sliced off, is another Soweto muti crime.

The 11-year-old boy’s genitals and ear were cut off on Friday while his mother was away at a funeral in KwaZulu-Natal.

He is recovering in hospital.

Police spokesman Captain Mpande Khoza said they believed the incident was muti related.

Last year, the police launched an investigation focused into ritual killings after the body of a 28-year-old man was discovered in the township.

The man’s body, with his nose and ears removed, was found hidden in the veld in the Motsoaledi informal settlement near Chris Hani-Baragwanath Hospital.

On the same day, a nine-year-old girl’s body was found in Alberton. She too had body parts removed.

Selling human parts, such as tongues, genitals and ears, is a lucrative business in SA.

Six held over charred body for muti

The body was burnt and the pubic hair and testicles had been removed, which raised suspicions of a ritual murder SIX people were arrested in connection with a suspected ritual murder last week.

The arrest followed the discovery of the body of a 52-year-old man on a farm outside Makhado (formerly Louis Trichardt) on Thursday. According to the police, the body was burnt and the pubic hair and testicles had been removed, which raised suspicions of a ritual murder.

The incident happened hardly two weeks after the police held a summit on the police and ritual killings. At the summit residents in the area pledged to stop ritual killings. Police spokesman Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said the charred body was found on the Mununzu-Henning farm near Mutonga village. He said investigations were at an advanced stage to recover the missing parts.

"We have arrested six suspects in connection with the killing of the man," Mulaudzi said yesterday. He said the ages of the suspects ranged between 21 and 54 and they were expected to appear in the Makhado Magistrate's Court today to face charges of murder. Meanwhile, the provincial police commissioner, LieutenantGeneral Simon Mpembe, has expressed disgust over the alleged ritual killing, describing it as "horrendous".

Mexican boy's eyes gouged out 'to save the world'

Maria del Carmen and her sister A 5-year-old Mexican boy whose eyes were allegedly gouged out by his mother as part of a drug-fueled ritual "to save the world" is expected to live, but has been left completely blind, health authorities said Friday.

The boy, identified by authorities only as Fernando, was taken to a hospital in Mexico City after police discovered the mother clutching her eyeless son at a home in the working-class suburb of Nezahualcoyotl early Thursday.

The Mexico City Health Department said the boy lost both eyes and was suffering some leakage of cerebral fluid. He was in intensive care and was listed in guarded condition, but doctors said in a statement that such leakage normally stops by itself and that no brain surgery is planned at the moment.

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